Eco-Responsible Commitments

Eco-responsibility is at the heart of the Domaine de Larchey's core values. Beyond the simple sorting of waste, our entire team is committed on a daily basis to a genuine approach to reducing our carbon footprint.

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The Domaine de Larchey, an eco-responsible 3-star hotel in Bordeaux

The equipment and investments of the Domaine de Larchey***


The Domaine de Larchey*** is mindful of its energy consumption due to the heating of the premises. To keep it cool in summer and limit the use of air conditioning, which is mainly used in the hotel rooms, we have installed blinds and shutters on the office windows. The Estate also has its own geothermal system, which allows it to heat the premises and the water in winter.

Garbage sorting

At Domaine de Larchey***, we also sort our waste! The success of an office recycling policy depends on a collective effort. Thus, the entire Domaine team has adopted the right habits and the right reflexes. Paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, but also batteries, ink cartridges and organic waste are placed in various recycling bins. The teams are trained internally with a quarterly “Recycl'stage” to refresh knowledge.

The restaurant kitchen

In line with the philosophy of the Domaine de Larchey***, our Chef Guillaume Germanaz offers our customers a cuisine based on fresh, seasonal and mainly local products.

The breakfast bread is also made locally, and the cooking teams work with their suppliers to minimize unnecessary waste from the delivery of goods.

Tree plantation

At Domaine de Larchey***, nearly 200 trees have already been planted! Holm oaks, traditional oaks, bamboos… But also fruit trees such as peach, fig and walnut trees, whose harvests will delight customers in a few years.

The use of ecological household products

The Domaine de Larchey*** has also banned traditional household products, which often pollute. The hotel, restaurant, reception rooms and offices are cleaned with natural and environmentally friendly products such as alcohol vinegar and black soap.

Stop plastic!

We no longer use plastic bottles in the Restaurant and Hotel. For the events we host, we ask caterers to take back and recycle the plastic bottles they bring.

Stop balloons!

For balloons released at events, including weddings, we no longer accept plastic balloons. Indeed, alternatives exist, such as the release of butterflies or even ladybugs, which are quite elegant, original, and eco-responsible.